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Glass Splashbacks & Glass Worktops - for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Other Applications

Bronze Metallic Cooker Splashback, Classic Inverted T, all Made in One Piece, London Glass Works

Introduction - Coloured Splashbacks & Glass Worktops

Innovations in both glass and paint technology, in the late 1990’s, kickstarted the trend for coloured glass kitchen splashbacks.

Since then, we have seen the early trickle of enquiries for back painted glass products become one of our major product lines.

With over 20 years of experience, we are now the “go to” suppliers and installers for London and the Home Counties’ home owners.

The full range of our coloured glass splashbacks, including:

is detailed below. We are confident that within the information you will find answers to any questions you may have, plus the necessary design and technical information to ensure that your project is a beautiful success!

Already know what you want, need prices, or would simply like some friendly expert advice? then please give us a call on 0208 452 0039 or send us an or send us an email.

Looking for inspiration? Have a browse through our gallery.

Classic Light Turquoise, Back Painted Glass, Kitchen Splashback, London Glass Works

Our Products & Services


We produce the highest quality back painted coloured glass for:

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Worktops
  • Up-stands
  • Cooker Splashbacks
  • Bathroom & Shower - Vanity Unit Tops - Bath & Shower Wall Panels
  • Furniture Tops
  • Wardrobe Doors
  • Whiteboards
Bath Splashback Wall and Side Panel in matching Toughened Grey Back Painted Glass, London Glass Works


Manufacture & Supply Only

We manufacture to your sizes and specifications for:

  • Collection from Staples Corner
  • Delivery within London

Splashback Installations

We provide a full service of measuring, templating as necessary, manufacture and installation of bathroom and kitchen glass splashbacks, glass worktops and etc;

  • Throughout London
  • Within the North, West & South West Home Counties, around the M25
Bright Colours like this Canary Yellow Splashback bring Light into the Kitchen, London Glass Works Coloured Glass Splashbacks Fitted by Cricklewood Glassworks, Staples Corner Custom Made  Mirrored Kitchen Splashbacks Installation, Cricklewood Glassworks, Staples Corner

London Splashback Installations

Since we started out in 1986, we have seen London become the Land of Conversions. Houses converted into flats - and offices, factories and commercial spaces converted to residential use.

No matter what the size and layout of your home is, you can use splashbacks to personalise and add colour to your living space.

Smaller, simple splashbacks are surprisingly affordable - and we take the same care and pay the same attention to detail for an enquiry for a single piece of back painted glass, as we do for larger enquiries.

We are proud of our customer service record and of the very high level of client satisfaction that we consistently achieve.

Please browse our Customer Reviews - we are also very happy to provide local references - and the following are a few specifically for our splashbacks service:

Sarre Road, West Hampstead, London, NW2 3SL. Splashbacks, Shelves & Mirrors. Contract No: 21365 - Great job, we’re very happy! Visual Quality of materials: Excellent. On the work of the fitters: Fantastic! General Comments: Thanks again for the great work - we’ve not previously had much luck with building work carried out during the work we’d done on our house. You’ve restored my faith! Great job, very friendly staff and the glass/mirrors look fantastic! Would you recommend our company to others? Yes!

Howitt Road, Belsize Park, London, NW3 4LL. Coloured Splashbacks & a Mirror. Contract No: 22681 - Look amazing! Visual Quality of materials: Really brightens up my bathroom. On the work of the fitters: Very quick - dust sheeted the whole bathroom. General Comments: Very nice guys and helped me to choose the colour of the splashbacks. Would you recommend our company to others? Yes!

Finchley Road, Childs Hill, London, NW2 2HY. Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks. Contract No: 23006 - Makes and finishes the kitchen! Visual Quality of materials: They look amazing. On the work of the fitters: Very efficient. General Comments: Brilliant service, they had to remake one of the panels - but did so without a problem and very quickly. Would you recommend our company to others? Yes!


We Colour Match Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens to all the Proprietary Paint Manufacturers, London Glass Works

Splashback Colours

We produce comprehensively guaranteed back painted glass splashbacks for kitchens, bathrooms and other applications - in all of the available colours and finishes:

  • There are 1000’s of colours to choose from
  • All we need is the colour code; the most popular being:
    • RAL Colours
    • Dulux
    • Crown
    • Farrow & Ball
    • BS 4800 colours
  • We can match to the colour code of any proprietary paint manufacturer

The standard and most popular finish is Gloss.

Other finishes we produce are:

  • Matt
  • Metallic
  • Glitter - also referred to as Sparkle
Coloured Glass Splashbacks like this Ferrari Red work well with White Kitchen Units, London Glass Works

Design & Colour Advice

We want you to be 100% happy with your project, so we’ve gathered together here our experience of over 20 years to give you the very best advice:

The Glass

Standard glass has a distinct green tint - you have probably noticed this, especially if you’ve ever looked at a piece of glass edge on.

This is due to the amount of iron in the glass - and it is much more noticeable on coloured glass splashbacks - especially white and pastel shades.

To eliminate this effect - we only use Low Iron glass.

Colour Advice

Choosing a colour is your chance to “make a statement,” express your personality and create something that you are going to enjoy for years to come!

Before finalising your choice of colour, these are the factors that we’ve found can make all the difference to getting the best end result:

  • trying to exactly colour match to a coloured kitchen cooking range, or to cupboard fronts, is not a good idea - they will reflect light differently than through a glass splashback - and differently again in natural daylight compared to indoor/evening lighting - creating the unfortunate effect that you tried to colour match ... but didn’t get it quite right!

    Our Advice: always go for a contrasting shade.

  • black looks good with everything ... well it does - but in the case of black splashbacks, it makes the area look much darker - so the room needs to be naturally well lit - and also have excellent lighting

    Our Advice: if in doubt, don’t!

  • strong bright colours look fantastic - but if used over very large areas, they can become a bit overwhelming

    Our Advice: if you are simply adding a cooker splashback or renovating an existing kitchen & adding 100 mm upstands to the worktops - go for it - Ferarri Red, Burnt Orange and Deep Purple will all look great!

    But if you are covering very large areas - either tone it down a bit - or make the strong colour a feature area and combine it with a lighter contrasting shade or with white.

    A lot depends upon the colour of your base units and cupboards - if they are white or very light coloured, then larger areas of strong coloured splashbacks will look fantastic - but if they are darker coloured, or wood, then tone down the splashbacks.

So, those are our thoughts on colour schemes, but you’re the boss and we will produce exactly what you want!

All Units and Sockets must be Fitted for Accuracy Before Measuring the Splashbacks, London Glass Works Cooker Hoods and Other Fittings need to be Fixed then Removed for Measuring, London Glass Works Bath and Shower Splashback Panels - Fittings Removed for Templating and Measuring, London Glass Works

Measuring & Installation Guides

Good preparation is critical to producing a perfect end result - so this guide applies equally to you, if you are measuring for supply only - and to us when we are measuring and fitting:

  • measuring can only be done once the complete kitchen (or bathroom) has been installed, including all of the following:
    • base units
    • worktops including any upstands
    • top units
    • any wiring/conduits chased into walls
    • any light fittings fitted to allow 10 mm for the glass splashback thickness
    • any tap or shower fittings fitted to allow 10 mm for the glass splashback thickness - & see section below
    • cooker hood fitted then removed to allow access for measuring of the splashback - & see section below
    • sockets fitted - & see section below
  • if your splashback is not fitted in between a worktop & top unit, then you simply measure the area that you are covering
  • Or:

  • if your splashback is fitted in between a worktop & top units - or it is butting up to a side cupboard or wall - then measure to allow for glass expansion in extreme hot weather - & for the natural very slight movement of units & buildings over time - deduct 2 mm from the height between base & top units - deduct 2 mm from the width if the splashback butts up to a wall or cupboard unit.

Socket Cut Outs

  • should be a minimum of 100 mm from the panel edge - & from each other
  • assuming that you are fitting new sockets - we suggest that you specify a couple with USB charging ports - we do not supply them but have included examples in our gallery
  • are measured so that the faceplate margin covers the cut out once fitted

Round Holes

For some light fittings as well as for taps, shower fittings or any kitchen tool racks or shelves, etc, that you might wish to fix to the splashback:

  • should be a minimum of twice the diameter from the edge of the panel - e.g. a standard UK tap, or shower, outlet pipe is ½ inch/13 mm diameter so the hole will be 17 mm (the fitting will have an overlapping cover) & must therefore be at least 34 mm from the edge of the panel

Best Practise - Cooker Hoods

We recommend that the cooker splashback area - where it is part of a longer splashback run to the sides between base and top units - the classic inverted T shape - should be made as one shaped unit to avoid silicone joints which are unsightly and get dirty over time.


If you are fitting splashbacks to a new kitchen then everything should be square and true and there should be no need for templates.

In the case of renovating and fitting splashbacks to an existing kitchen or bathroom - then take multiple measurements along the length/height to check if anything is running out of square.

If over the length/height of the splashback it is more than about 2 mm out - or there is a difference in height between the kitchen worktop and the individual top units in a long run - then a template should be made.

Obviously, if we are measuring and installing, then we take care of this. If you are measuring and you are at all unsure, then please give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.


Once again, the proper preparation and materials will ensure a problem free, long lasting and beautiful end result:

  • ensure that the wall is sound, clean & dry
  • fill any large holes - no need to worry about any minor scrapes, dents or digs
  • apply & fix with a proprietary brand of translucent neutral curing silicon
  • leave to set (cure) for 24 hours before using the area

If you are carrying out your own installation and have any queries, please just give us a call or pop into our Staples Corner workshop, where one of us will be pleased to help you.

This Beautiful Blue Shower Splashback Transforms the whole Bathroom Ambience, London Glass Works

Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Splashbacks

In our experience, coloured splashbacks don’t need much selling - so we won’t try!

What we will do, is promise you a first class, highly professional, friendly service with great attention to detail, all the help that you may need and great value for money.

And we will just take the opportunity to summarise all of the:

Features & Benefits

  • the WOW factor, create your own special ambience, make a bold statement - or go for relaxing subtle chic
  • whether you are completely refitting or doing a makeover, the reflective qualities of coloured glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms will give a greater feeling of space and light

glass kitchen & cooker splashbacks are an ideal material:

    • non porous & non staining
    • hygienic - no grout joints where bacteria can gather
    • easy to clean
    • look brand new virtually forever

    bathroom splashbacks:

    • no grouting
    • no re-grouting
    • no mould or discolouration
    • no seepage through broken down grouting
    • can be applied to almost any surface including existing tiles
Stunning Purple Glass Worktop with matching Upstand Installation - West London Kitchen Renovation, London Glass Works

Glass Worktops

We create our back painted glass worktops in the same stunning range of colours and finishes as our kitchen splashbacks - so they can be colour matched - or contrasted.

The technical specifications are largely the same, the differences being:

  • the Low Iron toughend glass will be 10,12, 15 or 19 mm thick dependant upon the size - once we know the measurements, we can specify the correct thickness
  • all edges are beautifully polished

Our processing unit is fully equipped and experienced in producing all the details to your exact specifications, including:

  • feature curves
  • cut outs for:
    • hobs
    • sinks
    • taps
    • pop up power sockets
  • drainage grooves

Once installed, your glass work tops will not only look amazing, they’ll give you all of these great benefits:

  • stain, scratch & impact resistant
  • heat resistant to 300°C
  • non-porous so very hygienic
  • easy to clean

Whether you are looking for just the supply or a full service including measuring and installation, we would love to hear from you - please just give us a call or send us an email.

Back Painted Glass Worktop gives this Traditional Sideboard a New Lease of Life, London Glass Works

Other Areas & Applications

Our back painted glass, splashbacks, panels and surface tops are now being ordered for all sorts of interesting and innovative uses - so have a look at the list and see if anything sets your imagination on fire:

  • bathroom sink splashbacks
  • vanity unit tops - sinks can be inset
  • bath side panels
  • wardrobe door panels - replacing mirrors or etched glass
  • for that much loved chest of drawers - a new coloured top for a new lease of life
  • “whiteboards” - actually they can be all sorts of colours - permanently siliconed in place - or mounted with movable fixings - & there’s now a wide range of classic, bold, neon & liquid chalk markers that are easily removable with a dry wipe!
  • back painted glass shelfs are now trending
  • as well as all sorts of table tops

If you want back painted glass of any type for any project, please contact us!


Looking for inspiration?

Our gallery of splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms, glass worktops and other back painted glass products, has a great selection of our work and we are adding new pictures all the time - take a look!

Mirror splashbacks are featured on our Mirrors Page.


Splashbacks and worktops are all made to measure, if you have the size/s and colour code, just email us and we will be pleased to send you a price by return.

If you would like us to measure and install, please call us on 0208 452 0039 to book an appointment or, if you prefer, email us and we will contact you.

Orders can be placed online via our email service, in person at our Staples Corner premises, or by telephone if we have already had the sizes and provided a quotation.

Technical Information & Specifications


As standard we use Low Iron glass in order to achieve the best optical and visual colour clarity.

  • you the Customer may specify non low iron standard float glass - this will create a green/blue tinge to the back paint colour - especially when using white or light pastel colours - this is sometimes specified as a design feature
  • all glass (except mirrored) is toughened at 620 degrees Celsius & stays heat resistant & thus safe close to ovens & cooker hobs

Splashbacks - Back Painted Glass

  • are made from 6 mm toughened glass
  • toughened glass is 5 times stronger than standard glass
  • so, the splashbacks are as strong as 30 mm standard glass

Splashbacks - Mirrored Glass

Mirror splashbacks cannot be toughened - so are foil backed for safety - mirror glass is naturally quite heat resistant, but care should be taken - we can advise you whether or not your oven & hob layout are safe for a mirror splashback


  • are made from 10,12, 15 or 19 mm thick toughened glass depending upon the size - once we know the sizes, we specify the correct thickness

Other Back Painted Glass Products

Will as standard be made from 6 mm toughened glass.

  • when we survey for fitting we will advise you if the glass needs to be thicker
  • for supply only, please tell us what the product is being used for & if it needs to be thicker we will specify the correct thickness


Toughened glass cannot be “worked,” e.g. cut or drilled, without shattering, so the process is:

  • cut the glass to size
  • cut out for any sockets / drill for e.g. a tap outlet
  • straight line edge polished all round
  • machine wash to remove processing particles, dirt & dust
  • heat the glass in the tempering oven
  • quench the glass using high pressure air jets to cool it
  • apply the chosen back paint colour


As standard we use only proprietary brands of urethane paint mixed with a catalyst - which changes the molecular structure of the glass - ensuring a permanent bond between the paint and the glass.


The maximum workable panel size is ±3100 x 1200 mm

  • larger sizes can be obtained, subject to taking into account:
    • safe handling & working
    • access to the installation area
    • a delay in delivery
    • a special order surcharge

Installation Fixing

Products must only be fitted using a proprietary brand of translucent neutral curing silicon.

Commercial & Trade Splashbacks & Worktops

As with all of our glass products and services, we also provide them to a large number of trade and commercial clients.

You can see some of our Trade and Commercial References here.

Please call us or pop in to our Staples Corner workshop for further information.

We specialise in all types of bespoke and custom made glass, including:

For an idea of our standards of work and customer service, please browse through our 100’s of Customer & Product Reviews

Thank you for visiting - please Contact Us if we can be of any further help.