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Secondary Glazing Security Windows - Home Window Security Measures and Security Glazing


Security Windows - Home & Commercial Window Security

This section deals with Secondary Glazing for Security Windows in Homes and in the thousands of older traditional Commercial Buildings throughout London and the Home Counties.

Home & Commercial Window Security

Burglaries are on the Increase, Secondary Glazing London

The rate of domestic and commercial burglaries has been steadily increasing - most are “spur of the moment” crimes, rather than planned, professional, determined attacks.

Unless they were designed with security in mind, most window systems offer little real protection against forced entry - and they are often a weak point in a property’s security.

This is particularly true of the windows in many older homes and commercial premises.

Properties with original single glazed windows & older types of double glazing offer “soft targets” for the opportunistic burglar and are especially vulnerable.

Home Security - Windows - The Risks - Casement & Sash Window Security

Sash Window Security - they are Especially Vulnerable, Secondary Glazing London

Old glass becomes brittle and is easily broken and then old fashioned non-locking catches and stays can be simply released to open the windows.

Most at risk are:

  • all traditional sash windows - sash window security is notoriously poor
  • all ground floor rear windows
  • any window not visible to neighbours
  • small bathroom windows
  • traditional French doors
  • old double glazing with external glazing beads
  • old double glazing with simple “clip-over” handles
  • older patio doors without anti-lift or multi-point locking security

Commercial Properties - Windows - Risks & Applications

Older Commercial Premises - Window Security is a Weak Point, Secondary Glazing London

Risks and Applications:

Huge amounts of historic city centre office and commercial accommodation is particularly vulnerable due to retaining the original, low security windows - which may also be subject to Listed Building or Conservation Area status, thus preventing replacement.

  • vulnerable windows that are easily accessible but not generally overlooked outside of normal working hours - typically ground floor & at the rear or sides of premises
  • sensitive areas - such as for data, server & communication installations - where any unauthorised entry & subsequent vandalism or theft can be hugely damaging for the organization
  • added protection for high profile individuals & their families in Company accommodation
  • protection against industrial/commercial espionage
  • added protection for areas containing either artistic or commercial items of value
  • increased security for organizations involved in sensitive areas of research & development

Window Security Risks - The Solutions

Window security measures fall into three categories:

  • make your property more secure than neighbouring properties, thereby making it less of a target - window and door security is the number one priority
  • anything that makes it more difficult, time consuming or noisy to get in is both a deterrent and makes it less likely that a burglar will successfully gain entry
  • at home, if your property is occupied, then the more warning you have from the noise the more time you have to respond - call the police and lock yourself and your family into a bedroom

Secondary Glazing for Security

Secondary Glazing for Security Provides an additional, Visible, Physical Barrier against Forced Entry, Secondary Glazing London

Secondary windows offer an affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to enhancing home and building security.

Standard Secondary Glazing provides all of the improved levels of security listed above and:

  • provides an additional, visible, physical barrier against forced entry
  • passing sash interlocking profiles are anti-jemmy
  • the frames are made from tough aluminium & securely fixed to resist forcing
  • a secondary window is almost impossible to open from outside
  • having to break a second layer of glass makers a very unattractive proposition for the opportunist burglar

Secondary Glazing Security Range

Sash Window Security - Key Locking through Passing Rails of Top and Bottom Sashes, Secondary Glazing London

For higher risk homes, properties and businesses, we offer our Secondary Windows Security Range - with up-rated specifications to improve your security even further:

  • glazing with up to 6.8mm laminated glass ensures that, although a window pane can be cracked or even shattered, it will stay in one piece and it will stay in place in the aluminium frame
  • internal key operated Chubb security locks prevent forcing of the opening sashes of the secondary windows
  • trickle ventilators or key operated limit stops for locking the sashes into a slightly open position for ventilation offer protection during the night
  • anti-lift blocks for horizontal sliders prevent removal of the sashes - even if the primary glazing has been breached
  • for sash window security - key locking through the passing rails of the top and bottom sashes - and keyed side locking through the sashes into the frame

Secondary Glazing for Security - The Results & Additional Benefits

Secondary Glazing Protects Vulnerable Side and Rear Windows adding Thermal and Noise Insulation Secondary Glazing London
  • cost effective high security windows!
  • far less obtrusive than security grilles
  • secondary glazing is designed and fitted to blend into its’ surroundings
  • it is discreet, unobtrusive & sympathetic to character properties
  • does not usually require Conservation Area or Listed Building Planning Permission
  • unlike burglar alarms, it is not affected by pets or small children
  • it is virtually maintenance free
  • there are no running costs
  • increased thermal insulation
  • excellent noise insulation
  • most importantly, the peace of mind from feeling safer and more secure

Some “Information Pictures” about Secondary Glazing for Security

Just hover over the pictures to see the information:

Secondary Security Windows over a Traditional Timber Stay and Peg Window Secondary Glazing London
Locking Fitch Catch on Horizontally Sliding Secondary Window over original Crittall Window Secondary Glazing London
Older Commercial Premises Benefit from Secondary Security Windows Secondary Glazing London
Laminated Safety Glass will Crack but Stay in Place in the Frame London Secondary Glazing
Older Mixed Use Buildings need better Security Windows Secondary Glazing London
Office Refits benefit from better Window Security Secondary Glazing London
Chubb Lock for Sash Windows locks Sashes into the Frames Secondary Glazing London
Robust Locking Handle on Hinged Secondary Window Secondary Glazing London
Sensitive Areas such as Data Server and Communication Installations need extra Protection Secondary Glazing London

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