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Acoustic Secondary Glazing for Noise Reduction Glazing Treatments & Soundproof Windows


Secondary Glazing for Noise Reduction


The effects of noise pollution are increasingly well known - increased risk of heart disease, stress, reduced concentration and loss of sleep. Noise nuisance has invaded our lives, our homes and our workplaces!

But we don’t just have to accept it. There is a solution. Because the fact is, most noise enters our homes through the windows and doors! Just think of the difference between open and closed windows.

Noise Reduction Glazing & Soundproofing Windows

Noise Pollution Effects include Heart Disease Stress Reduced Concentration and Loss of Sleep Secondary Glazing London

We are experts in Sound and Noise Insulation and this has been a specialist area of our work for over thirty years.

It is quite involved - hence the information is spread over six pages plus another two dealing just with sound insulation and noise insulation for Commercial applications.

If you do not have time for that right now - or would like a condensed version, then we invite you to download the following Shortcuts:

Although we install replacement windows with acoustic sealed units and also re-glaze existing windows with acoustic glass, the fact is that Acoustic Secondary Glazing for Noise Reduction is the single most effective noise reduction glazing treatment for soundproof windows.

To find out more, please continue on this page and follow the quick links - or use the Soundproofing menu above to get all the information and facts:

Noise is Damaging Our Health!

London and surrounds with its Airports Road and Rail Networks becomes ever noisier London Secondary Glazing

We are all becoming more aware of how noise pollution affects us, anything from:

  • mild to extreme irritation and even anger
  • an inability for ourselves and our families to concentrate, work or study properly
  • difficulty relaxing, loss of sleep, exhaustion, exasperation

The list of negative effects from noise pollution is long and growing longer.

More damningly, recent research reports are consistently proving that noise pollution is:

  • a major cause of thousands of cases of cardio-vascular disease, heart attacks and strokes
    and is costing us all £billions in increased health care costs see reports

Most Noise Enters our Homes Via the Windows and Doors

The windows are designed to let the light in and create an airy, pleasant atmosphere - unfortunately, they also allow the outside noise in!

Windows let the Light in but also the Outside Noise Secondary Glazing London

The Solution - Acoustic Secondary Glazing for Soundproofing Windows

The level of noise reduction glazing that can be achieved with acoustic secondary glazing will:

  • differ from situation to situation depending upon the volumes and types of noise
  • be dependent upon the quality, specification and correct installation of the secondary glazing noise reduction system

With over 30 years of specialist soundproofing windows and doors experience, we know exactly how to achieve the very best noise insulation solution in any given situation - please have a look at our What Our Customers Say!

Traffic noise, aircraft noise, train noise and general street noise all have different volumes, frequencies and wavelengths.

Therefore, soundproof secondary glazing needs to be carefully and correctly specified to maximize the noise reduction and windows soundproofing.

The Gap between Primary Window and Secondary Glazing is Important for Noise Reduction Secondary Glazing London

Acoustic secondary glazing for noise reduction is significantly better than replacement double glazing for achieving noise reduction, because:

  • using the correct distance between the primary and secondary glazing is a major factor in noise insulation
  • the secondary glazing can be specified to tackle both high and low frequency noise
  • secondary glazing avoids resonance, which results in a high-pitched whine at high frequencies and vibration of the glass at low frequencies

These are things that simply cannot be achieved with sealed unit double glazing and for these reasons:

  • we regularly install our secondary glazing noise reduction system inside replacement double glazing, as well as for new windows and doors in newly built houses and flats!

What about Thermal Insulation?

All of our soundproof secondary glazing will also provide you with a dramatic improvement in thermal insulation:

Which will save you a considerable amount of money on your heating bills.

  • please see our easy to use Ready Reckoner to calculate how much you will save
Secondary Glazing with Acoustic Laminated Glass, Patented PVB Interlayer Guarantees Maximum Noise Reduction, Secondary Glazing London

Applications for Acoustic Secondary Glazing

  • road noise/traffic noise - HGV’s, taxis, buses, motorbikes, emergency service sirens and cars
  • train noise, railway noise and railway station noise, both over and underground
  • airport noise and aircraft noise, both close to airports and beneath flight parths
  • general street noise, pubs, clubs, loud talking, bus stops, dogs barking
  • exceptional street noise, car alarms, burglar alarms, noisy neighbours, shouting
  • inside sealed unit double glazing, replacement windows and new windows as well as for original existing single glazed windows and doors
  • close to major noise sources such as schools, colleges, universities, industrial areas, sports stadiums and where open-air music festivals take place

Summary of Direct & Other Benefits

Heathrow Gatwick Luton Stansted and City Airport Noise are all a Huge Problem Secondary Glazing London
  • a good nights’ sleep!
  • relax in your living room undisturbed by outside noise
  • more effective than replacement windows
  • cheaper than replacing the windows
  • no more draughts or cold spots
  • quick, clean installation
  • no need for external access and scaffolding for above first floor
  • reduced future heating bills
  • the “greener” solution - materials used and the manufacturing processes use less energy and therefore produce far less CO2 than uPVC replacements
  • extends the life of your existing windows and keeps them out of land fill sites
  • improved security
  • preserves the original appearance and character of your home
  • not usually affected by Conservation Area or Listed Building regulations
  • improved Energy Performance Certificate
  • reduces your Carbon Footprint

Further information:

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