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Secondary Glazing Glass & Glazing Options - Thermal Secondary Glazing & Acoustic Windows


Secondary Glazing Glass & Glazing Options

Obscure Reeded Patterned Glass, Secondary Glazing London Obscure Floral Patterned Glass, Secondary Glazing London Obscure Acid Etched Glass, Secondary Glazing London

Standard Secondary Glazing Glass

4mm clear float glass is the standard for all secondary windows except Tilt In Balanced Vertical Sliders, for which the standard is 4mm clear float toughened safety glass - to comply with Safety Glazing requirements.

In both cases, good secondary glazing thermal insulation is created as well as some acoustic benefit, but not as much as would be gained by specifying Low E or sound proof glass.

Secondary Glazing Glass Options

The following patterned, obscure, safety, thermal and acoustic glass & glazing options are also available, where:

H - Denotes Heat/Thermal Insulation Glass

S - Denotes Safety Glass

N - Denotes Noise Insulation/Sound Proof Acoustic Glass

O - Denotes Obscure or Patterned Glass

For obscure, textured & etched glass options, please see the Pilkington Brochure pdf


4mm Clear Float the Standard H
4mm Clear Low "E" Pilkington K Float H
4mm Clear Low "E" Toughened Pilkington K Float HS
6mm Clear Low "E" Pilkington K Float HN
6mm Clear Low "E" Pilkington K Toughened Float HSN
6mm Clear Float HN
4mm Obscure Patterned Sheet HO
6mm Obscure Patterned Sheet HNO
4mm Sandblasted Float HO
4mm Sandblasted Toughened Float HSO
6mm Sandblasted Float HNO
6mm Sandblasted Toughened Float HSNO
4mm Acid Etched Float HO
4mm Acid Etched Toughened Float HSO
6mm Acid Etched Float HNO
6mm Acid Etched Toughened Float HSNO
4mm Clear Toughened Float HS
6mm Clear Toughened Float HSN
4mm Obscure Patterned Toughened Sheet HSO
6mm Obscure Patterned Toughened Sheet HSNO
6.4mm Clear Laminated HSN
6.4mm White Laminated HSNO
6.4mm Clear Laminated Stadip Silence Acoustic Glass HSN
6.4mm Obscure Laminated Stadip Silence Acoustic Glass  HSNO
6 up to 15mm Clear Pyran or Pyroswiss Fire Resistant Glass  
Pyroswiss glass may be provided with surface finishes including acid etching, tinting, screen printing and patterned.
Laminated Safety and Laminated Acoustic Glass Secondary Glazing London
Fire Resistant Pyro Glass Secondary Glazing London

About Us

Obscure Sandblasted Glass, Secondary Glazing London

By choosing the correct glass for your individual requirements, we can produce:

  • thermal secondary glazing the equal of replacement double glazing
  • sound proof glass acoustic windows
  • or an excellent combination of the two requirements!

As we are also General Glass Merchants and Glaziers, we stock and can obtain other specialist glasses - but please note that they may not be suitable for the secondary glazing range.

We also replace and re-glaze existing windows, so can fit acoustic double glazing and acoustic glazing if that is your preference.


In line with our policy of continuous product improvement & development Secondary Glazing London reserves the right to alter any of the product specifications without notice.

Further information:

  • See our Main Page for a brief overview of everything about Secondary Glazing
  • Thermal secondary glazing Case Study
  • Acoustic Soundproof  Windows Case Study

Download our Secondary Glazing Brochure pdf

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