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Secondary Glazing Windows - Secondary Double Glazing, Secondary Glazing & The Environment


Environmental Policies - Secondary Glazing London & The Home Counties

If you are at all concerned about the Environment and are considering the relative benefits of Secondary Glazing Windows versus Replacement Double Glazing, then we invite you to take a few minutes to read this page.

Thank you for your attention!

Secondary Windows can be Arched or Circular Conserving the Character of Historic Properties Secondary Glazing London

Secondary Glazing Windows & the Environment

At London Secondary Glazing, we are fortunate to be supplying a product that helps the environment by:

  • reducing future energy consumption by insulating existing windows and doors
  • protecting and extending the life of original windows and doors - keeping them out of landfill sites
  • conserving the character and integrity of all types of properties, including houses, flats, public and private buildings, churches, schools and historic and traditional buildings

Additionally, we are committed to:

  • sourcing materials from sustainable sources
  • recycling waste products
  • the use of recycled products in the manufacturing processes
  • the avoidance of waste by the use of best practise production procedures and technology
Timber used for Sub-Frames, Fixing Grounds and Finishing Trims is Sustainably Sourced, Secondary Glazing London

Sustainable Materials Sourcing

Wood is the only sustainable key material that is used in the manufacture and installation of our secondary windows.

Timber is used for the secondary window sub frames, fixing grounds and some finishing trims.

We only use wood which conforms to the standards set by the international Forest Stewardship Council - the key element of which that applies to us is:

  • To only use wood which is independently certified as coming from a sustainable source or which is recycled from an independent certification scheme
Recycled Plastic is used in Components Secondary Glazing London
Glass Waste is Recycled New Glass also contains Recycled Content Secondary Glazing London
Aluminium Off cuts and Swarf are Recycled New Sections use Recycled Content Secondary Glazing London

Recycling Waste Products

Glass and aluminium are the other two key materials used in the manufacture of secondary double glazing.

Neither of these comes from sustainable sources, so recycling is critically important.

  • all aluminium scrap, including large quantities of swarf from cutting sections, is carefully gathered and fed back into the supply chain where it is melted down and re-used
  • all glass off-cuts and broken glass are segregated and fed back into the supply chain for melting down and re-use

Additionally, all other waste products that we produce are removed by a licensed waste contractor and sorted for recycling.

Using Recycled Materials

Wherever possible, we use materials that have been recycled, such as:

  • plastic components
  • glass supplies include recycled material
  • aluminium extrusions and components use a proportion of recycled material
Computer Optimised Cutting Reduces Waste Secondary Glazing London

Best Practise Procedures & Technology

Modern technology has enabled waste to be cut to an absolute minimum in the production processes for secondary double glazing.

Each secondary window unit is made to measure - to simply cut the aluminium sections and glass for each window in turn, which is how it was done in the past, is incredibly wasteful.

Now, stock purchasing is combined with computer optimisation to minimise waste:

  • glass sheets are purchased in a wide variety of sizes
  • aluminium frame extrusions are purchased in a wide variety of lengths

Computer optimisation then takes large batches of secondary window units and produces fabrication lists that:

  • specify the individual glass sheets that are to be used
  • show exactly which panes are to be cut from where in each sheet
  • specify the individual aluminium section lengths to be used
  • show the order of cutting for every frame section

With this combination, waste is reduced to the absolute minimum - less than 5% - which is a fraction of what it used to be in the past, at 20 to 25%.

Secondary Glazing over Traditional Sash Windows Modern Thermal Standards Extended Original Window Life Secondary Glazing London

The Environmental Benefits of Installing Secondary Double Glazing

  • secondary glazing greatly reduces future energy consumption
  • the production of secondary windows produces much less CO2 than the production of plastic replacement windows
  • the original windows gain more years of use, thereby reducing their carbon footprint
  • and that keeps them out of landfill sites - further helping and protecting the environment
  • secondary glazing windows preserves the look and original character of a property
  • which also protects the value of the property!

All in all, it is a win, win investment for both Property Owners and The Environment!

Further information:

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