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Replacement Double Glazing Units - Double Glazed Glass Only - Sealed Units Online

Replacement Double Glazing Units are Supplied Edge and Face Protected and Clearly Labelled, London Glass Works

Introduction - Replacement Double Glazing Panels - Glass Only

Alongside our normal production of Insulating Glass Units, we specialise in producing one off, made to measure, double glazed units as matching replacements for older installations, where one or more of the original units have suffered breakage or become fogged or misted up.

We produce high quality double glazed units to the most stringent modern specifications, matched in appearance to your original glass units.

Our replacement “glass only” service is suitable for all types and styles of double glazing including:

  • uPVC, Timber & Aluminium Framed Products
  • Windows, Doors, Conservatories & Roofs
  • Double & Triple Glazed Units

We know from experience that, for many people, this is a one off task for which they do not have any previous experience.

Typical Insulated Glass Unit, Double Glazed, Desiccant Filled Spacer, Primary and Secondary Seals, London Glass Works

So, as well as making new unit/s for you, we are also happy to provide you with as complete a service of help and advice as you may require, including:

  • Telephone Assistance
  • How to accurately measure the Height, Width & Depth (Thickness) of units
  • Advice on Air or Gas Filling
  • Identifying Glass Types
  • Removal & Refitting of Double Glazing Panels

Our full range of double glazing glass products, services, specifications and fitting instructions are detailed below.

However, if you know what you want, need a price, or would just like some friendly expert advice, please call us on 0208 452 0039 or send us an email.

Telephone Assistance provided for Measuring and Identification, the Round Plug denotes Gas Filled, London Glass Works

Our Services - Replacement Double Glazing Units

  • Manufacture of Single or Multiple Replacement Double Glazed Units
  • For Collection from Staples Corner


  • Delivery Service - recommended for Large Sealed Units
  • Telephone Assistance - for Deglazing, Measuring, Identification of Glass Type & Air or Gas Filled
  • Site Visits for:
    • Measuring
    • Identification of Original Unit Type
    • Replacement Installation - recommended for Doors & Large Window Openers
We Manufacture all Types of Sealed Units including with Holes for Cat Flaps, London Glass Works

Products & Options - Double Glazed Glass

  • Double Glazed Units - from 14mm Thickness & upwards
  • Triple Glazed Units
  • For all types of Windows, Doors, Conservatories & Roofs
  • Holes Cut for Cat Flaps & Spinner Vents
  • Shaped & Arched Units
  • Stepped Units
  • Air Filled
  • Argon Filled
  • Krypton Filled
All the Common Widths and Colours of Spacer Bar held in Stock, London Glass Works

Spacer Bars:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Brown
Clear Float, Low E, Safety, Acoustic, Tinted, Fire and Patterned Obscure Glass Stocked, London Glass Works


  • Clear Float
  • Low E Coated Thermal
  • Acoustic Noise Reduction
  • Patterned Obscure pdfPilkington Brochure
  • Toughened Safety
  • Laminated Safety
  • Solar Control
  • Tinted - Grey or Bronze
  • Acid Etched
  • Sandblasted
  • Georgian Wired Cast
  • Georgian Wired Polished
  • 30 to 120 Minute Rated Pyro (Fire Resistant)
  • Pilkington Spacia™ Ultra-thin Units
The following unit types should be brought to us for copying - or we can come to you:
  • Leaded Lights
  • Georgian Bars
  • Stained Glass
Double Glazed Glass Units, we produce Dry Air Construction and Gas Filled Units, London Glass Works

Specifications - Double Glazing Glass Sealed Units & Manufacturing Process - Insulated Glass Units

Our insulating glass units are manufactured as follows:

  • two (double glazed) or three (triple glazed) glass panes
  • separated by desiccant filled (moisture absorbing) spacer bars
  • Double Hermetically Sealed in our humidity controlled factory area, with dry air in the unit cavity:
    • First Impermeable Seal - the spacer bars are side-sealed, all round, both sides, to the glass
    • Second Impermeable Seal - the perimeter of the sealed unit is filled
  • if specified, the air is then flushed out and replaced with an inert gas to improve thermal and/or acoustic performance

All sealed units are manufactured in strict accordance with BS EN 1279 - Part 1 (Description, Properties & Performance) & Part 2 (Air Filled Units) or Part 3 (Gas Filled Units)

Our Superior Grade Desiccant Molecular Sieve is Humidity Tested before Filling Spacer Bars, London Glass Works

Materials - Sealed Units

  • Glass Suppliers:
    • Pilkington UK Ltd
    • St-Gobain Ltd
  • Spacer Bars:
    • Induction Welded Aluminium
    • Warm Edge
  • Desiccant - Superior Grade Desiccant Molecular Sieve
  • Sealants:
    • Primary Seal - PIB (Polyisobutylene) Tape
    • Secondary Seal - Bostik P5125 Hotmelt Butyl Edge Sealant
  • Cavity Fillers
    • Standard for older replacement double glazing units - Dry Air
    • Standard for newer replacement & new units - Argon Gas
    • Special orders - Krypton Gas or Xenon Gas
  • We reserve the right to substitute materials of an equal or superior quality.

Replacement Double Glazed Units match the Original, New Installations Comply with Building Regulations, London Glass Works

Statutory Regulations - Insulating Glass Units

Replacement double glazing units will be manufactured to:

  • match the materials and specification of the original unit - in order to give the same visual appearance - thus matching adjacent units

Sealed units for new installations will be manufactured to meet the requirements of the appropriate section of the Building Regulations for the Conservation of Fuel Power:

  • Approved Document L1A - New Homes
  • Approved Document L1B - Existing Homes
  • Approved Document L2A - New Commercial Buildings
  • Approved Document L2B - Existing Commercial Buildings
Double Glazing Panels are Supplied Edge and Face Protected and Cleary Labelled, London Glass Works

Presentation Of Finished Double Glazing Panels - for Collection or Delivery

Finished glass units are prepared and presented as follows:

  • protected all around the edges with overlapping, laminated waterproof cloth tape, for protection against cracking or breakage
  • separated by low tack, self adhesive, foam or cork pads for protection against knocks, scratches and breakage
  • clearly labelled to identify customer, sizes, unit composition & inside building / outside building faces for Low E & Acoustic units

These measures ensure:

  • protection against breakage during storage and transport
  • no sharp edges in order to facilitate safe handling and fitting
  • correct orientation of the installed unit/s
Correct Installation of Double Glazing Glass is Critical, including Correct Toe and Heeling, London Glass Works

Fitting - Replacement Double Glazed Units

To maintain the integrity of sealed insulated glass units and prevent the chance of future damage, breakage or seals breaking down, it is important that they are correctly refitted. Mostly this is a fairly simple common sense process and, just like the measuring process, if you are at all unsure of anything, then we will happily talk you through it. Like everything else these days, you can find all the information and videos online. Our top tips:

  • before fitting the new unit, clean the exposed framework & ensure that the drainage holes & channels are unblocked
  • always remember to sit the new unit back on the original plastic setting blocks - if there weren’t any, then that will be why the original unit failed - tell us & we will give you some
  • opening window sections & doors will have some corner &/or side setting block packers - these are positioned (in a process called “toe & heeling”) to ensure the correct opening operation - when exposing & removing the old unit, note their positions & replace them when fitting the new unit

As long as you follow the above steps, your new double glazing glass units will stay mist and fog free and in great condition for many years beyond the guarantee period.

If you are reasonably “handy,” you won’t have any problems.

We provide Setting Blocks and Packers for all Depths of Insulating Glass Units, London Glass Works

The Weight of Glass Units

Glass is heavy, double glazed glass is twice as heavy!

  • window units are usually 2 x 4 mm glass - which will weigh approx. 4 lbs/ft2 or 20 kilos/M2
  • door units are usually 2 x 6 mm glass - which will weigh approx. 6 lbs/ft2 or 30 kilos/M2
  • triple glazed units will be half as heavy again as the above

If you do not feel confident to handle the weight of large units, especially large 6 mm door units, then we recommend that you use our fitting service.

Prices - Replacement Double Glazed Units - Glass Only

All units are made to measure, if you know the size and make-up of the sealed unit, please email us and we will send you the price by return.

For help measuring and identifying the type of unit, or if it is more convenient for you, please call us on 0208 452 0039

You can place an order by telephone, in person at our Staples Corner premises, or online via our email service.

We specialise in all types of bespoke and custom made glass products, including:

For an idea of our standards of work and customer service, please browse through our 100’s of Customer & Product Reviews

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