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Pyro, Fire Rated, Fire Resistant, Fireproof, Laminated & Toughened Safety Glass & Glazing

Fire Resistant Georgian Wired Cast Glass

Pyro & Fireproof Glass & Glazing

As Glass Merchants with over 30 years specialist experience as suppliers and retailers of Fire Rated and Fire Resistant Glass - also known as Pyro Glass - and Glazing to London and the Home Counties, you can rely upon us for expert advice, quality products and an excellent, fast service.

Whether you are a Landlord, Architect, Contractor, Builder or other type of Specifier, you will find us to be knowledgeable about all aspects of Fire Rated Glass.

We are happy to provide helpful advice if that is what you need - as well as a very quick response to your enquiry including cut to size prices as well as cost schedules for larger projects.

Fire Rated Glass Floor Fire Rated Glass Partition using Saint Gobain Vetrotech

Our Independence is to Your Advantage!

We are Independent, Non-Aligned, specialist retail Fire Glass suppliers - so we stock all the leading Brands and Products, including:

  • Georgian Wired Polished Glass
  • 6mm, 7mm, 7.2mm, 10mm, 11.4mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 23mm & 25mm Thicknesses
  • 30, 60, 90, 120 minute Fire Resistant Glass Integrity
  • 30, 60, 90, 120 minute Insulation Against Heat on the Non Fire side of the Glass
  • Clear, Textured, Toughened (Tempered,) Laminated, Sandblasted & Printed Designs
  • Where required, Conformity to Safety Glass and Glazing Regulations and Standards
  • Can also be Acoustic Specified for Soundproofing and Noise Insulation
  • Thermally Insulated Fire Rated Glass
  • Fire Resistant Sealed Double Glazed Units - Internal Blinds are available
  • Solar Control can be Combined with Fire Rated Glass
  • Shapes - a wide variety can be produced
  • Glass Enclosed Fire Stairs - Fire Rated Glass Stair Enclosures
  • Pilkington - Pyroshield™ 2, Pyroclear®, Pyrodur®, Pyrodur Plus® & Pyrostop
  • Pyrobel - Pyroguard, Pyrobelite & Pyrostem
  • FireSwiss & FireSafe
  • Shott - Pyran® S, ISO Pyran® S, ISO Pyran® S-D
  • Saint Gobain - Vetrotech
  • ESG - Pyrotech™
  • All Tested & Certified to Comprehensive National & International Standards

And because we are a Major Independent Specialist, we are able to negotiate the very best prices - and pass those on to you by way of exceptional value for money!

Borrowed Light Ceiling Floor Fire Glass Design

Fire Resistant Glass - Technical & Terminology:

Fire Glass - Fireproof Glass - Pyro Glass

These are generic terms for Glass that offers Protection against Fire.

  • There is no such thing as Fireproof Glass. If it is hot enough for long enough - then even the best Fire Rated, Fire Resistant Glass, will crack, break, melt and lose its’ integrity, as will the structural frames and supports
  • Pyro is a popular Designation used in many Brand Names - from the Greek word πυρ (pyr), meaning fire
Fire Resistant Laminated Glass

Fire Rated Glass & Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Rated Glass and Fire Resistant Glass are interchangeable terms that can only be used for Glass that has been - subjected to and passed (Certified) a recognised Fire Resistance Test - and proven to provide a measured time period of protection against fire.

Testing is carried out against both - the spread of flame, - and - of smoke penetration.

Another important consideration is the Degree of Insulation - Against the Heat of the Fire - on the Non Fire side of the Glass. Where this is tested, it guarantees an average temperature of maximum 140°C and an “any one position” maximum of 180°C.

Not all types of Fire Glass provide Heat Insulation Protection - see the E and I Ratings below.

Typical Fire Resistant Glass Test - courtesy of ESG

Fire Resistant Pyro Glass

E & I Ratings

Successful Fire Resistance Testing leads to Certification for the Period of Integrity - which is the amount of time that the Glass withstands the Fire - and, if applicable, the period of Insulation against the Heat of the Fire.

The Certification provides the Fire Protection Rating, or Fire Resistance Rating, (the terms are interchangeable,) of the Fire Glass.

E = the Integrity Rating

I = the Insulation Rating

The Ratings are always presented in the format - Fire Resistance Performance E (minutes) followed by the Insulation Rating I (minutes) if rated - and the most commonly specified are:

  • E 30 E 60 E 90 - Integrity Only
  • EI 30/30 EI 60/30 EI 60/60 EI 90/90 EI 120/120 - Integrity & Insulation

All Fire Rated Glass must be glazed into the appropriate Fire Resistant Glazing System which will include the Steel or Timber Frames (where specified,) Glazing Bars, Fixings, Glazing Beads, Glazing Tapes and Seals/Mastics.

Steel Framed Pyro Glazed Units comply with BS476 Parts 20 to 22

Fire Glass For all Types of Properties & Buildings

We provide our Fire Rated Glass and Glazing to Dwellings of Multiple Occupation, Hotels, Schools and Education Premises, Offices, Public Buildings, Libraries, MOD, Police Stations, Hospitals, Museums and Heritage Buildings - in fact, to all types of premises with a requirement for Fire Resistant Glazing.

Fire Resistant Glass Applications

Our products are suitable for Glass Fire Doors, French Doors, Windows, Screens, Walls, Facades, Safety Partitions, Overhead, Roof and Sloped Glazing and can be specified to incorporate Acoustic Soundproofing & Noise Insulation, Solar Control and Thermal Insulation.

Our Fire / Pyro Glass Services

Based in North West London, we are within 15 minutes’ access of the M1, the A1, the A10, the North Circular, the South Circular, the M25 and the M40 - so we are never far away from anywhere in our Operational Area of Central and Outer London, the suburbs and the Home Counties.

We are Here to Help You!

Please call us on 0208 452 0039 or email us at for a quick, professional response to all of your Fire Glass and Glazing requirements.

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