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Conversion of Offices to Flats - Requirement for Sound Proof Glazing

Specified with Acoustic Glass

Sash Window Head, Radius Head Externally and Square Topped Secondary with Infill Internally, Secondary Glazing London

We received a call one morning from a developer who had recently converted a traditional “mansion block” in Holborn, London WC2, from offices to luxury short term let flats, for business people working in the city.

He had finished the development to the highest standard, investing in high quality fixtures, fittings and decoration throughout, with attention to the smallest details.

Letting the flats had been a success from the start. Very quickly, the development was fully occupied and providing a return on his investment.

However, just as quickly, he was receiving complaints from his new tenants - the building backed onto an alleyway full of restaurants and bars and his clients were complaining about the late night noise, music, people smoking and talking loudly outside and taxis arriving and departing.

Sound Proof Glazing - Urgent!

Some Windows pass a Mezzanine Floor, Standard Units Adapted, Allowing Opening for Ventilation, Secondary Glazing London

Some of his new tenants were threatening to seek alternative accommodation in order to get a good night’s sleep and he urgently needed to resolve the situation.

To compound his problems, all the windows in the building had radius arched heads and he had been quoted what he considered to be astronomical sums, either to replace them with curved head timber acoustic windows incorporating sound proof glass - or to install secondary glazing with acoustic glass.

Our challenge was to provide really effective acoustic double glazing, very quickly and in an economical fashion, because the client had already made a substantial investment and the problem was very urgent!

We immediately rejected replacing the windows because the building was in a Conservation Area and Planning Permission would have added up to three months to the process - and we also know from experience that any application that includes sealed units is almost certainly going to be rejected.

Standard Secondary Glazing - with Acoustic Glass Cost Effective Solution

Balanced Tilt-In Vertical Sliders allow easy access to all Glass Surfaces for Cleaning, Secondary Glazing London

We visited the property the same day, evaluated the noise based upon the lunchtime trade and inspected the windows internally and externally - including those “problem” radiused heads - and also the windows which were divided by mezzanine floors (second picture above) which needed special consideration.

Our quotation was with the client the next morning.

For secondary glazing with sound proof glass to achieve acoustic double glazing. Mindful of the client’s budget, we specified standard square head secondary units with discreet timber infill panels above, thus avoiding the high costs of bending extrusions to deal with the radius heads.

Additionally, we were able to specify simply modified standard units enabling opening of the secondary glazing sashes, both above and below the mezzanine floors, to allow easy ventilation without additional costs.

The client accepted our proposal, which he told us was 40% cheaper than any other quotation he had received, and placed his order with us.

Getting the Job Done - Installing the Acoustic Double Glazing

French Casements, fitted with Double Hinged Units then a Rectangular Fixed Light above, Secondary Glazing London

Speed was of the essence - within 48 hours we had fitted the sub-frames, including the hand scarfed curved radiused heads, and taken the manufacturing measurements.

We carried out the liaison with the tenants to obtain access and 10 days later we were on site fitting the sound proof glazing.

In occupied premises, we are always very careful of decoration, carpets and wooden or laminated floors, using dust sheets and vacuuming up afterwards.

We colour matched and painted in the head infills to exactly match the walls in each room.

The end result, unobtrusive, sound proof acoustic glass secondary windows, was a great success!

The tenants were impressed by the elimination of the noise problems and the landlord’s speedy response to their complaints - the client was thrilled to quickly resolve the problem and save a lot of money.

Advice on Acoustic Glass Costs

After evaluating types, frequencies and volumes of noise, we recommend the appropriate level of glazing, usually 6mm Float, 6.4mm Laminated or 6.4mm Laminated Stadip Silence Acoustic Glass.

Taken against the overall installation cost, acoustic glass does not add much to the price and most of our customers choose to pay the small extra acoustic glass cost.

We always advise our customer’s to order with acoustic glass for the peace of mind of installing the absolute best in sound proof glazing!

The reduced heating bills from installing secondary glazing also mean that over time you get your money back - you can work out the savings for your property here

For further information about secondary windows:

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