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Secondary Windows London - For Acoustic Glass Window Soundproofing



Acoustic insulation for soundproofing windows & doors

What Our Customers Say - Testimonials!

The tables and charts and explanations and predictions are all very well ... but what prospective Customers really want to know is ... does secondary window soundproofing really work!

The answer is - a resounding Yes!

Our acoustic glass secondary windows really do produce a dramatic level of acoustic insulation for soundproofing windows and doors.

The following are very typical reviews & testimonials from our Customers after we have installed our secondary windows specified for acoustic insulation:

Some Typical Customer Reviews

Airport, Flight Path and Aircraft Noise, City Airport effects many Central City Suburbs, Secondary Glazing London

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the product and installation. The windows have hardly changed the look of the room or the appearance of the house from the outside. The noise reduction has been considerable; I am no longer disturbed by traffic noise and the music from a near-by pub has also been blanked out.

.......... and the result is a considerable reduction in noise levels from passing trains which has enabled me to use the room in question as a bedroom again. So, all in all, I am a happy customer!

The Secondary Glazing is beautifully made. It is barely visible and the noise is so quiet. Amazing. We will definitely recommend your company.

The secondary glazing looks particularly good because I can't see it. The acoustic barrier it provides is excellent.

The quality of the work is excellent - a clean simple fit that makes a huge difference to the traffic noise & you hardly notice they're there! The fitters were quick & efficient. From start to finish a friendly, reasonable, quick and efficient service.

The work, the fitters and the materials are all excellent .... very pleased - the secondary glazing has made a huge difference.

Very good! Excellent fitting, high quality, looks very neat and tidy. The installers were very professional, friendly and careful (no mess.) We are very pleased. The secondary windows have reduced the noise and kept in the heat, as promised. We would be pleased to recommend your company

City and Town Centres Suffer from Constant High Volume Road Traffic and Street Noise Secondary Glazing London
Construction Noise from projects like London Bridge Station Redevelopment are another Noise Source Secondary Glazing London

It seems to have done its job and kept the noise out. Great!

The work is to a very high standard. It is smart, neat and unobtrusive and reduces noise by some 70% - very impressive. The fitter was excellent. Punctual, left the place tidy and even quickly sorted out a problem with our door lock without request. We are very pleased with an efficient, trouble free service and high-quality job. The reduction in noise is dramatic.

A great service & fantastic product - the sound reduction is excellent.

Definitely recommended. No more noise.

After 6 months of research, these windows are definitely the most discreet you can buy. Noise reduction: I will know when the planes come over again!

It has made an appreciable difference, and I am sure the children will sleep well. Thank you.

New and Expanded Facilities for HS2 will Increase Station Rail and Train Noise Secondary Glazing London
Home Counties are Effected by Airport Flight Path Take Off and Landing Noise Secondary Glazing London

Very impressive. A significant improvement to the level of noise heard from passing traffic.

Excellent. Beautifully fitted and very neat. An instant reduction in noise.

Excellent! Great soundproofing - we're very, very happy! Excellent! They look great and don't really notice they are there. Extremely happy with the product & the service on all fronts - highly recommended.

Very pleased. Maintaining the appearance of original windows. Finishing very good. We are very pleased with the noise reduction. Overall the work done was exactly as we were led to believe by our first consultation.

The full text of the above Customer Comments and literally hundreds of similar references can be found on our Customer Reviews & Testimonial pages.

Some Advice on Acoustic Glass Prices & Costs

When taken as part of the overall installation price, acoustic glass costs do not really add very much.

Our advice to Customers includes the recommended level of glazing for the types, frequencies and levels of noise that they are experiencing – generally 6mm Float, 6.4mm Laminated or 6.4mm Laminated Acoustic Glass.

Having said that, most customers opt to pay the small extra acoustic glass cost and we always advise to err on the side of caution - acoustic glass prices add a small amount to the overall cost but give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have got the absolute maximum in soundproofing!

It is also good to know that the payback time from the reduced energy/heating costs from installing secondary windows is really quite quick - you can calculate it for your individual situation here

Further information:

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