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Secondary glazing for converted office

The overall finish of the development was to the highest standard though it had one major issue noise!


We received an enquiry from a developer for secondary glazing. He had recently converted a former office block in Holborn into 5 star short term let flats for business people working in the city.

The overall finish of the development was to the highest standard though it had one major issue noise!. The back of the building backed onto a alley way full of restaurants and bars. His clients began to complain about the noise especially in the evening when people were leaving the restaurants or smoking outside the bars.





To compound his problems all the windows in the building were arched and he was getting quoted by our competitors huge amounts of money to supply secondary units with curved tops. Some of his tenants were even threatening to seek alternative accommodation to get a good nights sleep.



He contacted us and asked for our advise. I visited the property and knew we sort resolve his issues and save him a lot of money. Instead of manufacturing expensive arched toped secondary frames we installed squared top frames.

Our carpenter then skilfully filled the curved voids at the top with timber which we later filled and painted to the exact colour of the walls in each room.




The finish was amazing especially due to the fact that each secondary unit was glazed with acoustic glass. Our client was thrilled with the end result. We saved him some 40% of what he was quoted else where and his tenants all got a good nights sleep. If you have any noise issues or insulation problems give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you some free advise.

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